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            AA UCSF Teamlet
            Teamlet Background and Research Map

                Adverse Drug Events Occurring Following Hospital Discharge.pdf
                Arizona National Community Health Advisor Study.url
                BodenheimerCalACCC Is Self Management Support Evidence Based.ppt
                Brownstein CHW Intervention CVD Outcomes.pdf
                CEPC Homepage.url
                CHCF and UCSF Center for Health Professions (C. Dower) CHW Brief.pdf
                CHCF and UCSF Center for Health Professions (Dower) Comprehensive CHW Report 2006.pdf
                CHCF Chronic Disese Care Home.url
                CHCF Improvement Network.url
                CHCF Report Helping Patients Manage Their Chronic Conditions.pdf
                Community Health Worker National Educational Collaborative.url
                educ_texasPromotora Train the Trainer.pdf
                English Action Plan.pdf
                Forster, et al JGIM.pdf
                Funnell Clinical Diabetes.url
                Gateway Diabetes Intitiative, Laredo, TX.url
                Helping Patients Adopt Healthier Behaviors.url
                Homepage for Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors.url
                IHI Emerging Content for Self Management Support.url
                IHI New Health Partnerships Initiative.url
                Indian Health Service Community Health Representative.url
                Kaiser Self-Management Support.url
                La Clinica de la Raza Diabetes Initiative Website.url
                Latino Health Access.url
                Latino Health Access Promotora Training Program.url
                Lorig Self-Management Outcomes after 2 Years.url
                Online IHI Outpatient Medication Reconciliation resources.url
                REACH Detroit CHW Training Outline.doc
                RJWF Management of Depression and Diabetes.pdf
                RWJF Background.pdf
                RWJF Diabetes Initiative Resource Center Online.url
                RWJF General Emotional Health and Diabetes.pdf
                RWJF Roles of CHWs.pdf
                RWJF Site Case Studies.pdf
                Spanish Action Plan.pdf
                Stanford's Chronic Disease Self-Management Training.url
                Successful Turnaround of a University-Owned, Community-Based, Multidisciplinary Practice Network.url
                Teamlet Model Background.doc
                To Err is Human Building a Safer Health System.pdf
                UCSF and CEPC Teamlet Model for Team-Based Primary Care.cmap
                Washington State Collaborative.url
                Washington State Health Education Resource Exchange.url
                Words Into Action - Setting an Action Plan and Designating the Teamlet Patient.doc
                Words Into Action - Setting the Agenda, Goal Setting.doc
                Yes We Can Asthma Program.url
                Your Heart, Your Life - A Lay Health Educators Manual.pdf