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                Open Educational Resources and Digital Repositories

                    Open Courses
                    10 Different Creative Commons Projects.url
                    10 Open Education Resources You May Not Know About (But Should).url
                    14 Tools to teach creative commons.url
                    30+ Places To Find Creative Commons Media.url
                    60+ educational resources to teach yourself anything.url
                    7 Things You Should Know About Open Educational Resources.url
                    Academic Earth.url
                    A guide to open educational resources.url
                    Are open educational resources the key to global economic growth.url
                    A sustainable future for open textbooks - The Flat World Knowledge story.url
                    A World to Change.url
                    Berkeley - Webcast Courses.url
                    Berkley on iTunes U.url
                    brOME - OER.url
                    Building Trust in Open Educational Resources.url
                    Carnegie Mellon - Open Learning Initiative.url
                    CETL reusable learning objects.url
                    Computer Science - Understanding computers and the internet.url
                    Confederation of Open Access Repositories.url
                    Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2011.url
                    Consultation exercise on a review of OER case studies and associated Open Educational Practices.url
                    Contact - Volume 7, Issue 5.url
                    Creative Commons Online Courses.url
                    Critiques of Open Education - OER Research Hub.url
                    Digital literacy is key to unlocking the value of online resources says the HEA and JISC.url
                    Digital Public Library of America.url
                    Directory of OER repositories.url
                    Directory of Open Access Journals.url
                    Disruptive Learning - towards PLE+.url
                    EdReNe project.url
                    Edutech Wiki - Learning objects repositories.url
                    Exploring open access in higher education.url
                    Find and use Open Educational Resources.url
                    Finding and using OER.url
                    Finding OER.url
                    Finding OERs.url
                    Find OER - Open Professionals Education Network.url
                    Five critiques of the open educational resources movement.url
                    Free, high-quality education resources from the National Science Digital Library.url
                    Free Courses Online - 250 Free Courses from Top Universities.url
                    Gathering OER Collective Intelligence - video.url
                    Guardian Data Store.url
                    Guidelines for OER in Higher Education.url
                    Guide to making the most of this Toolkit.url
                    How to get the most from the UKOER Evaluation Toolkit.url
                    Indei Web Camp.url
                    Into The Wild - Technology for Open Educational Resources.url
                    Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.url
                    iTunes U.url
                    JISC and HE Academy OER Programme Synthesis and Evaluation Project Wiki.url
                    JISCMail OER-Discuss.url
                    Jisc MediaHub.url
                    JISC OER InfoKit.url
                    Jisc OER Report.url
                    JISC OER Synthesis and evaluation.url
                    Jisc - Open Educational Resources (OERs).url
                    JISC - Web2practice - Emergent technologies and innovative practice.url
                    Learning Objects Repository - Medicine Vanderbilt.url
                    Library Learning Objects for Information LIteracy.url
                    List of websites.url
                    Mapping the landscape of Open Educational Resources institutional initiatives.url
                    MIT Open Courseware.url
                    NMC Directory of Learning Object Repositories.url
                    Notre Dame Open Courseware.url
                    OAPEN (Open Access Publishing in European Networks).url
                    OEDb - Open Courseware Collections, Podcasts, and Videos.url
                    OER blog posts.url
                    OER by Discipline Directory.url
                    OER Case Studies Series.url
                    OER Collective Intelligence.url
                    OER Collective Intelligence storyboard - Slideshare.url
                    OER Commons.url
                    OER Dynamic Search Engine.url
                    OER in the field - institutions solving problems openly.url
                    OER Knowledge Cloud - OER Resources.url
                    OER Research Hub.url
                    OER reuse landscape.url
                    OER Synthesis and Evaluation Project.url
                    OERu 13.10 report.url
                    OLnet - Scoop.iy.url
                    Online Education Database.url
                    Online Infrastructures for Open Educational Resources.url
                    Open Access Journals - Google Doc.url
                    Open Course Library.url
                    Open Courseware Consortium.url
                    Open Culture.url
                    Open Edition.url
                    Open Educational Resources.cmap
                    Open Educational Resources.url
                    Open educational resources (OERs).url
                    Open Educational Resources - Opening Access to Knowledge.url
                    Open Educational Resources Research Hub (OER Research Hub).url
                    Open Education Consortium.url
                    Open Education Database.url
                    Open Education Handbook.url
                    Open Education Handbook 2014.url
                    Open Education Resources - The Huffington Post.url
                    Open education - the need for critique.url
                    Openness and the Future of Education.url
                    Open source curriculum.url
                    Open Universities Australia.url
                    Open yale courses.url
                    ORIOLE Project - Scoop.it.url
                    OU Open Learn.url
                    OU - Open Research Online.url
                    Peer 2 Peer University.url
                    Public Library of Science.url
                    Registry of Open Access Repositories.url
                    Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR).url
                    Report on the Assessment and Accreditation of Learners using OER.url
                    Repositories Support Project.url
                    Royal Society Open Science.url
                    Self-Education Resource List.url
                    Sharing learning designs - Re-purposing OERs.url
                    Sheffield Uni - OER.url
                    SOAJ - Science Open Access Journals.url
                    Social Network for Online Learning.url
                    Standford University YouTube.url
                    Stanford Engineering.url
                    Stanford on iTunes U.url
                    STEM OER Guidance Wiki.url
                    Success in a MOOC.url
                    Ten Years Later - Why Open Educational Resources Have Not Noticeably Affected Higher Education, and Why We Should Care.url
                    The Art of OER Research.url
                    The Lean Launchpad.url
                    The Learning Registry.url
                    The Open Access Digital Library.url
                    The Power of Open.url
                    Towards an OER university - Free learning for all students worldwide.url
                    Trend report - open educational resources 2013.url
                    Tufts Open Courseware.url
                    Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER).url
                    Twitter Search - OER.url
                    UCLA - BruinCast.url
                    UK University Facilities and Equipment Open Data.url
                    University Learning = OCW+OER = Free.url
                    University of Washington - Open Courses.url
                    Urbana-Champaign - Learning Objects directory.url
                    Utah State OpenCourseWare.url
                    Virtual Training Suite.url
                    webcast Berkeley.url
                    What are Open Textbooks.url
                    What are the barriers to reusing-remixing OERs.url
                    What can you learn from the UKOER experience.url
                    What is a MOOC.url
                    What is the learner responsibility in open education.url
                    Why remix an Open Educational Resource.url
                    Why Stanford's Free Online Education Experiment Is Booming.url
                    YouTube _ Berkeley.url