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            Resources for Julie Taylor Instructional Design

                Common Core.url
                Congruent and Similar Shapes.mov
                Coordinate System.mov
                Curriculum Design Evaluation Strategy.docx
                Curriculum Design Intended Learning Outcomes.docx
                Curriculum Design References.docx
                Curriculum Design Sequencing Rationale.docx
                Curriculum Design Statement of Purpose.docx
                Describe the Way.url
                Discovery Education - Coordinate Plane Worksheets.pdf
                Discovery Worksheets - Properties of Shapes.pdf
                Finding Your Way Around.url
                Gallon Man.url
                ID Geometry Lesson Plans.docx
                ID Post Assessment Geometry Test.docx
                ID Pre Assessment Geometry.docx
                ID Rationale.docx
                ID Unit Outcomes.docx
                Measuring Up.url
                Names for Geometric Shapes.mov
                Order of Operations.url
                Properties of Geometric Figures.mov