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                7 things you should read about - Flipped classrooms.url
                A review of flipped learning.url
                Do screencasts really work - Assessing student learning through instructional screencasts.url
                Effect of the flipped classroom model on a secondary computer applications course.url
                Flipped classroom.url
                Flipped classroom - The full picture for higher education.url
                Flipping courses - Transitioning from traditional courses to a blendedā€learning approach.url
                Flipping your classroom.url
                How 'flipping' the classroom can improve the traditional lecture.url
                How to flip a classroom infographic.url
                Inverted classroom.url
                Inverting the classroom.url
                Known and unknown weaknesses in software animated demonstrations (screencasts) - A study in self-paced learning settings.url
                Post-conference discussion.url
                Pre-conference discussion.url
                Student perceptions of the use of instructor-made videos in online and face-to-face classes.url
                The flipped classroom - A course redesign to foster learning and engagement in a health professions school.url
                The flipped classroom defined.url
                The flipped classroom guide for teachers.url
                The inverted classroom in a large enrolment introductory physics course - A case study.url
                There Is No Such Thing as THE Flipped Class.url