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            C19 SVM 2023 GR1
            Group 1, Lab 2 (Practical Anaesthesia and Analgesia in Ruminants

                5 Step Hoof Trimming process Cattle.jpg
                Advantages and Disadvantages of PNB.docx
                Advantages of Dehorning.docx
                Advantages of Disbudding.docx
                Alternative to Dehorning Video.url
                Anatomy of Vertebrae and Spinal Nerve.jpg
                Anesthesia for dehorning in goats.jpg
                Background image.jpg
                Barnes-Type Dehorner.url
                Barnes-Type Dehorning.url
                Beam hook Method of Restraint.url
                Brown Ring.jpg
                Calculations for Calf epidural.docx
                Calf crush.jpg
                Calf Disbudding Procedure Video.url
                Calf epidural.cmap
                Calf epidural Procedure.docx
                Callicrate Bander.url
                Care Following Dehorning.docx
                Cattle Hoof Restraint.docx
                Caustic Disbudding Video.url
                Caustic paste Instructional Video.url
                Complications of Hoof Trimming.png
                Cornual Nerve Block.jpg
                Cornual Nerve Block.url
                Cosmetic Dehorning in Goats.docx
                Disbudding Complications.docx
                Disbudding Technique in Kids.pdf
                Distance and Physical Eam of Cattle.url
                Dutch 5 step method Cattle.jpeg
                Early formation of copper ring.jpg
                Equipment for hoof trimming.docx
                Flunixin meglumine Drug Calculation.docx
                Gigli Wire.url
                Group 1 LAS LAB 2.cmap
                Guide to cautery disbudding calves.pdf
                Head Gate.jpg
                Hoof Anatomy of Ruminants.jpg
                Hoof Examination of Cattle.url
                Hoof Trimming for Goats Procedure.jpg
                Hoof Trimming in Cattle and the 5 Steps.docx
                Horn Anaromy picture.jpg
                Horn Anatomy.jpg
                Horn bud anatomy.jpg
                Hot Iron Burning Horn bud.jpg
                Keystone Dehorner.url
                Kid disbudding box.jpg
                Lidocaine Drug Calculation.docx
                Link to Epidural video.url
                Palpation of landmarks.2.jpg
                Palpation of landmarks for cornual nerve block.jpg
                Paravertebral Analgesia in Cattle.url
                Paravertebral body bend post injection.jpg
                Paravertebral Nerve Block.cmap
                Para-vertebral Nerve block in Cattle.url
                PNB Drug Calculations.docx
                PNB Equipments+Materials.docx
                Postoperative Care.cmap
                Post op hoof trimming.docx
                Procedure for the Distal Approach.docx
                Procedure of the Proximal Approach.docx
                Pros and Cons of Caustic Paste.docx
                Providing pain relief to calves for disbudding factsheet.pdf
                Rhinehart Dehorner.jpg
                Skull Anatomy Cattle.jpg
                Skull Anatomy Goat.jpg
                Small Ruminant Retraint.docx
                Squeeze Chute.jpg
                Steps for Disbudding.docx
                Tetravet Spray.jpg
                Thermal meningitis.jpg
                Tolazoline for Xylazine Reversal.docx
                Trimming goat hooves.url