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            C19 SVM 2023 GR1
            Lab 3 Castration

                5 Scale BCS Cattle.png
                Advantages of Disadvantages of Open Castration.docx
                After Care notes for Farmers.docx
                Basic Exam of Cattle.url
                Burdizzo Castration Method.url
                Burdizzo Method.docx
                Calf Castration using Castration Knife.url
                Calicrate Bander Demonstration.url
                Castration using Newberry castrating Knife.url
                Cattle Physical Restraint.docx
                Common Terminology.docx
                Demonstration of Elastrator Band.jpg
                Drug Table - Castration.docx
                Drug table for ruminants and boar.docx
                Elastic Banding (Elastrator).docx
                Elastrator Castration Video.url
                Equine BCS Chart.jpg
                Equine Recumbent Castration.url
                Equine Restraint in Castration.jpg
                Equine Sedation and Anesthesia.url
                Equine TPR.jpg
                Equipment for Castration.docx
                Guidelines on Anesthesia and Analgesia in Swine _ Research A to Z.pdf
                Immunocastration in Pig.png
                Incision Approach for Open Castration.jpg
                Lab 3 Castration.cmap
                Lab 4 Castration.cmap
                Lab 4 Castration Final.cmap
                Lab 4 Castration Final 1.cmap
                Lab 4 Castration Group pic.jpeg
                Lidocaine Block for Castration.url
                Methods of Restraint in Boar Castration.pdf
                Open Castration Diagram.jpg
                Open Closed surgical Method.url
                Physical Eam.url
                Piglet Castration.url
                Piglet Restraint.docx
                Prerequisite Knowledge.docx
                Recumbent Equine Castration.url
                Recumbent Stallion Castration using Henderson Tool.url
                Ruminant and Swine anesthesia.url
                Sheep BCS.png
                Sheep Restraint.docx
                Small Ruminant Physical Exam.url
                Spermatic cord and Scrotal Anatomy.docx
                Standing Open Castration.url
                Swine BCS.png
                swine castration.url
                Swine Physical Exam.url
                Swine Scrotal Castration Adult.url
                Swine TPR.docx
                Testicular Anatomy.docx
                WhatsApp Video 2021-09-29 at 10.39.09 AM.mp4