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            C19 SVM 2023 GR4
            GROUP 4 LAB 7 (Surgical Treatment of Ocular Disorders)

                Resources for Entropion in cattle
                Resources for Eyelid laceration repair
                Resources for retrobulbar nerve block
                Resources for Subconjunctival Injection
                Additional diagnostic procedures 1.JPG
                Additional diagnostic procedures 2.JPG
                Bovine examination sheet.jpg
                Bovine eye anatomy.JPG
                Entropion in cattle.cmap
                Example of anesthesia-Surgical-Consent-Form.jpg
                Eyelid laceration repair.cmap
                eye sagittal section.JPG
                Five station examination of cow.url
                Image showing eyelid laceration in cattle.jpg
                Image showing infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis.jpg
                Image showing squamous cell carcinoma in cattle.jpg
                Image showing squeeze chute.jpg
                Muscles of the bovine eye
                Muscles of the bovine eye.JPG
                NAME OF DRUG(2).docx
                Nerve branches..SenMotBoth.png
                Nerves of the head.jpg
                Opthamic examination sheet.jpg
                retrobulbar nerve block.cmap
                Subconjunctival Injection.cmap
                Surgical treatment of ocular disorders lab 7.cmap
                Table of opthalmic diagnosis and abnormalities.JPG
                Veterinary history taking sheet.jpg
                Video showing figure of 8 suture.url
                Video showing ford interlocking suture.url
                Video showing horizontal crosss mattress suture.url
                Video showing one handed knot tying.url
                Video showing ophthalmic examination.url
                Video showing ophthalmic examination in animals.url
                Video showing simple continuos suture.url
                Video showing square knot (instrumental).url
                Video showing subcuticular suture.url
                Video showing surgeons knot (instrumental).url
                Video showing V plasty.url