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        Mapa conceptual final - Raynier C. Wells
            Recursos para Mapa Final Raynier C. Wells

                Fatty acid metabolic reprogramming via mTOR-mediated inductions of PPARĪ³ directs early activation of T cells.url
                Immuno-metabolic control of the balance between Th17-polarized and regulatory T-cells during HIV infection.url
                mTOR Overcomes Multiple Metabolic Restrictions to Enable HIV-1 Reverse Transcription and Intracellular Transport.url
                PTEN gene silencing prevents HIV-1 gp120(IIIB)-induced degeneration of striatal neurons.url
                Summary of Mechanisms by Which the mTOR Pathway Determines Permissivity to HIV-1 by Regulating Cellular Metabolite Pools.url
                The mTOR complex controls HIV Latency.url