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            Lab 5 (Equine castration)

                Advantages & Disadvantages of Equine Castration.pdf
                Anatomy of the cryptorchid.url
                case 1.cmap
                case 2.cmap
                case 2 vishal - nearly completed.cmap
                Case 3.cmap
                Caslick's Surgery.jpg
                Caslicks Procedure.png
                Castration Equipment.pdf
                Castration in the Horse.url
                Castration of the Rig!.pptx
                Client compliance form.url
                Client information.url
                Client Information.pdf
                Client Information (1).pdf
                Closed castration.pdf
                Complications of Equine Castration.pdf
                Complications of Equine Castration (1).pdf
                Drug Chart for Castration Procedure.pdf
                Epidural anaesthesia.pdf
                Equine Anesthesia.url
                Equine Anesthesia drugs.url
                equine testicle.jpg
                female reproductive system.png
                Inguinal Approach.pdf
                instrumentation for laparoscopic cryptorchidectomy.PNG
                instruments for inguinal and parainguinal.PNG
                Lab 5 FINAL.cmap
                le horse.jpg
                Mare Perineum Anatomy.jpg
                Mare Reproductive Anatomy.jpeg
                Mare Vulvar conformation.jpg
                Methods of Physical Restraint.pdf
                Open Castration.pdf
                Parainguinal Approach.pdf
                Physical exam and Restraint.url
                Pre-op for rig.PNG
                Semi-closed castration.pptx
                Special Notes for Lap.pdf
                Stage 1.pdf
                Stage 2.pdf
                Surgery in the Stallion.url
                suture patterns.pdf
                The Surgical Approach to an Abdominal Cryptorchid Testis.docx
                transverse plane through the scrotum and inquinal canal.jpg